Handmade Body Butters & Lip Scrubs

Infused with aromatic essential oils and Intentions for self improvement. Willie's Garden provides natural healing to the body and mind.

  • Body Butters

    Moisturize with our aromatherapy filled body butter and glow throughout the season with glitter.

    Or Customize your own Daisy butter. Pick your own essence.

  • Lip Scrubs

    Pucker up and exfoliate with our tasty Garden flavors while restoring and moisturizing your lips.



Moment Of Peace

Each of our butters are infused and made with intentions that help you feel at ease.

Take a deep inhale into the palm of your hands after you apply your butter for an amazing aromatherapy self care experience.

Beneficial Ingredients

SHEA BUTTER: Moisturizes skin, heals acne and various skin conditions, reduces signs of aging and stretch marks.

COCONUT OIL: Heals wounds, hydrates skin, best for dry skin.

AVOCADO OIL: Promotes skin renewal, calms itchy skin, shields skin from ultraviolet radiation.

LEMON: Naturally evens out skin tone, increases collagen production, fades acne scars and other blemishes, has antifungal properties.

HONEY: Natural humectant, speeds healing process, revamps skin cells, heals and moistens, balances bacteria on skin.

SUGAR: Great exfoliant, natural humectant.

Essential Oils

SWEET ORANGE: Increases the body's energy level, eliminates body toxins, relieves body pains and also nourishes dry irritated and acne prone skin.

EUCALYPTUS: Boosts the brain’s function,restores and purifies skin cells, relieves stress and muscle pains. 

LAVENDER: Improves sleep quality, nourishes the skin and relieves dry, itchy and aging skin.

ROSEMARY: Relieves pain, eases stress, increases circulation. 

LEMON: Mood booster, kills bacteria that can grow on skin, brightens and preserves skin tone.

PEPPERMINT: Relieves itching, relaxes muscles, reduces stress, awakens senses.

Uniquely Fashionable

Embrace your inner magic bedazzled in glitter. Feel authentic in your own skin.